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Big Data

If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don’t know the real threat to humanity’s future…

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The Term Sheet

What if the government claimed that terrorists were using your startup? Would you hand over the keys to your kingdom or defend your customer’s privacy?

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Finding Success in Failure

This is my non-fiction book about my experiences starting companies.

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Craftsman Founder Manifesto

This is a brief manifesto on the philosophy of startups.

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Lucas Carlson is an author and entrepreneur, profiled in The New York Times best-selling book The Lean Entrepreneur. As a keynote speaker in the technology arena and innovation leader in the cloud space, Lucas helps companies discover opportunities for growth. Lucas is also a publisher and popular blogger at, where he guides entrepreneurs toward success.

Lucas was formerly the CEO and founder of AppFog, a massively popular startup acquired by CenturyLink in 2013. AppFog signed up more than 100,000 developers, raised nearly $10M in venture funding and has become an industry leading Platform-as-a-Service.

He moved to Paris with his family, plays go, practices magic and plows through as many books as humanly possible.

Some of my most popular blog posts include:

FAQ with Lucas Carlson

Have you written any books?

Yes, I have written a startup thriller novel, two programming books and an entrepreneurial non-fiction.

Do you have a blog?

Yes, I write for entrepreneurs on Medium and LinkedIn.

Have you published guest posts on other bloggers websites?

I have written for Inc, Business Insider (multiple times), Business Journal, KISSMetrics, VentureBeat, InformationWeek and other popular blogs.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Yes, @cardmagic

Have you done any public speaking?

I have spoken at more than 30 conferences around the world. I am often asked to talk about technology and entrepreneurship for large corporations and governments including NASA, IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton and others.

Have you been interviewed on podcasts or radio?

I have my own entrepreneurial podcast with over 20 awesome interviews and have been featured on various podcasts and radio interviews including:


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